Purpose of the Trinity Broadcasting Network

Trinity Broadcasting Network is a Christian religious network that was created by Paul and Jan Crouch. It is the largest Christian television network and the content produced by these channels is seen on more than 3200 channels worldwide. The content is also available on various satellites, the Internet and thousands of cable systems too.

TBN is also involved in movie production, but the movies produced are mainly the kind that pertain to the Christian faith. With an aim to spread the world of the faith across people, TBN has a statement of faith that it follows. Those who run the organization believe that the Holy Bible is inspired, infallible and an authoritative source of the Christian faith. They believe that there is one God that is existent in three persons - the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. The Christian association also believes that all humans were created in the image of God but since they were created from a sin they cannot deliver themselves.

Therefore the only hope that man has, in the eyes of the Christian network is to believe in Jesus Christ the virgin born son of God, who died to help deliver all humans from the sins that they had committed. It is also believed that Jesus will return to Earth in all his glory and help all those who believe. The organization believes that they can help people find their deliverance by bringing the Lord's word to them. They have some channels that are dedicated to helping people rehabilitate and get back to life with renewed zest.

The network also believes in being transparent about the manner in which the donations are spent. The financial rating that Trinity Broadcasting network gets from Ministry Watch, is a five star efficiency rating. This indicates that the charitable organization uses the donated dollar extremely efficiently.


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