Trinity Broadcasting Network

Trinity Broadcasting Network is a Christian television network that is based in Costa Mesa in California. There are auxiliary facilities of the network in various other cities including New York City, Irving, Miami, Orlando and Gadsden. The programs that are broadcasted on the channel are hosted by various ministers of the Protestant Church and Catholic Church. Other hosts include those from Gospel Churches, Non-Profit Charities, Messianic Jewish and Christian media personalities.

The network has a fair amount of original programming and this includes occasional movies. TBN owns The Church Channel, Smile of a Child TV, TBN Enlace and JCTV too. The network has taken up various charitable causes and initiatives. The Smile of a Child Foundation was founded in 2005 by co-founder Jan Crouch. The compassion based charity was founded initially to reach the children of Haiti to provide medical care, food, shelter and disaster relief.

Post the earthquake in Haiti, TBN made a contribution of about $100,000 through Friend Ships, an organization that sends emergency relief aid and medical talent to places that are disaster stricken. TBN partnered with Friend Ships during the hurricane Katrina too. The TBN Second Chance is a channel that is free to air. This channel has been conceptualized as a rehabilitative channel that is meant for imprisoned inmates.

The programming on TBN is extremely unique and innovative. There are programs that have gospel music, live coverage of Christian events, talk shows that discuss the bible, nutrition programs, Children's shows, marriage enrichment series, holiday specials Christian dramas and more.

Other than the television channels that the company has, there are also various attractions. These include Trinity Music City, Trinity Christian City International and the International Production Center. There is also an adventure park based on the bible theme. It is called the Holy Land Experience and is located in Orlando, Florida.


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